Numero 2/2011

Dear UAS Journal Reader,

You have on your screen the second Amk-lehti / UAS Journal. This journal continues the history of the journals Kever-lehti, Osaaja-lehti and Kever-Osaaja-lehti. The target of this journal is to give information about the R&D work done at UASs for workplace organisations and higher education institutions.

In the editorial, Rector Tapio Varmola emphasizes that internationalisation in the UASs is not only the exchange of students and staff members but much deeper and wider co-operation with partners abroad.

In this issue, the common theme of the articles is research and development activities in UASs. The articles deal with the topic from the theoretical level as well, for instance Jyrki Konkka, who writes about methodology and change. But they also deal with the very practical level, as in the reviews from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

Ecological sustainability is central in two articles. Mirja Niemelä has constructed a META model which supports the analysis of the lifecycles of products. An international researcher group reports about waste energy utilisation in the Baltic Sea region.

The columns are about two very topical, but different, topics: 1. how to lengthen working careers and 2. Turku Culture Capital.

Uutiset-palstalle on tietoa kolmesta tulossa olevasta konferenssista. Konferenssien teemana on korkeakoulutuksen ajankohtaiset kysymykset niin politiikka- kuin pedagogiikkatasoillakin.

We can continue the discussion in the UAS Journal Facebook, which is presented in order to give information about the R&D work of UASs for workplace organisations and higher education institutions.

The next topics and timetable of the UAS Journal in 2011 are:

Regional Development and UAS, published in week 40 (deadline: week 37)
Entrepreneurship and UAS, published in week 50 (deadline: week 47)

The topic in the spring term 2012 is Welfare. Welfare will be handled from the viewpoints of culture (number 1) and technology (number 2).

Please contact the editors if you are willing to contribute the journal and

We wish you interesting reading experiences!

Mervi Friman and Riitta Rissanen
UAS Journal editors