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EAPRIL, In English

Bridging the research-to-practice gap in education: the design principles of mode-2 research innovating teacher education

Introduction Current changes in society address new demands on professionals’ ability to respond to new and changing circumstances quickly and … 0 474
EAPRIL, In English

Boundary-crossing competences of educators and researchers in working on educational issues

Introduction About 25 years ago, I was conducting my doctoral research (Van den Berg 1992) with the aim of learning … 0 406
EAPRIL, In English

Imagined future – elements of a good first-year student experience

Introduction Perceptions of the goals, objectives and tools of work have changed. It has been estimated that the transformation of … 0 737
EAPRIL, In English

Supporting Communication between Stakeholders Involved in Industrial Doctoral Projects by a Process Steering Instrument

Introduction Industrial doctoral projects are defined as projects that promote knowledge transfer between universities and commercial organisations and nurture innovation. … 0 333
EAPRIL, In English

Contexts and Approaches to Multiprofessional Working in Arts and Social Care

I. Introduction In this article, we identify the basic concepts informing multiprofessional competencies in arts and social work/care, focusing on … 0 360
EAPRIL, In English

Strategies for evaluating informal science education: Identifying and measuring meaningful indicators of program effectiveness for a mobile laboratory program

Introduction The mobiLLab science education program was developed by faculty at the University of Teacher Education in St.Gallen (Pädagogische Hochschule … 0 387
EAPRIL, In English

Developing new models for earning study credits from daily work – challenges in developing competence in nursing education

Clinical learning of nursing students in Finland In Finland, students study to become registered nurses for 3.5 years (210 ECTS) … 0 642
EAPRIL, In English

Real life solutions to real life problems: Living Labs approach within university of applied sciences pedagogical practice

Recently, institutions of higher education have adapted practices that bring together students, members of the teaching staff and institutional partners. … 0 369
EAPRIL, In English

Oamk LABs practices for bridging work life 21th century skills and higher education

Problem and context The demand for professionals who are able to create new solutions and innovations across disciplines, professions and … 0 692
EAPRIL, In English

‘Do I Have It in Me to Be an Entrepreneur?’ – Entrepreneurial Coaching for Master Level Students

Introduction Entrepreneurship education has been high on the European agenda for many years as an effective mean of embedding an … 0 381
EAPRIL, In English

Dialogic feedback culture as a base for enhancing working life skills in higher education

Introduction Society today faces notable changes. These changes are actually not so much related to the technological advances but more … 0 618


3/2016, Opiskelijat, Videot

Kokeiluilla kohti pyöräilevää pääkaupunkiseutua: case Liikkuvan Arjen Design

Johdanto Tämän case-tyyppisen esittelyn tarkoituksena on havainnollistaa valokuvin ja videoin, miten kestävää kaupunkiliikkumista on lähdetty edistämään muotoilun opein Helsingissä ja …

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