UAS Journal Workshop in the EAPRIL 2018 Conference

In the workshop ”International Collaboration Promoting Publishing Practice-oriented Articles in Higher Education”, given by Jaana Lamberg, Ilkka Väänänen, Mervi Friman and Mauri Kantola from the UAS Journal, there was discussion on what a good PBR (practice-based research) article is from the author’s, referee’s and reader’s perspectives. We also received theme ideas for the next international issue both in this workshop and in the session earlier today. The discussion was very active in both spoken and written form, as via the Padlet platform.

UAS Journal at the EAPRIL 2018 Conference

Members of the UAS Journal editorial board and the editor-in-chief gave a presentation in the EAPRIL 2018 conference in Portorož – Piran, Slovenia.

Ilkka Väänänen, Mervi Friman and Mauri Kantola gave a presentation ”The impact of the publication activities of practice-based research”. After the presentation, there was interesting discussion e.g. on the significance of national (mother tongue) publishing versus international publishing. The participants perceived it is important to share ideas internationally.